David's favorite part is the creative process of developing a new furniture design. He is inspired by nature- capturing the beauty and playfulness of the animal in a shape that is practical and appealing. It is a marriage of art and engineering and each new design involves a thorough process of experimentation, testing and adjustment to make it right.

Design Features

  • All furniture has handles incorporated into the design- head, neck or actual handle is cut into the shape
  • Rounded Edges
  • Plywood used for strength and durability

We select materials and finishes consciously for their safety, durability and their low environmental impact.

  • Materials are sourced locally whenever possible including plywoods and finishes.
  • We use renewable resources such as bamboo
  • Our marine finish has low VOCs making our furniture safe and durable

 All furniture is made to be strong and tough. The sides of the furniture are dadoed (a rectangular groove cut to make a joint) and the treads and seat backs/chair backs are inserted into these grooves where they are also glued and screwed.